We are all bound to go through at least one very painful and difficult experience in our lives.

When that happens, we either pray that we wake up from the nightmare of wish we could sleep forever, so that our heart wouldn’t further crumble down with each breath we take.

It will get better with time, they tell us. And it’s usually true.

But don’t expect that one day it’ll be magically gone. You’ll eventually see a picture, visit a place, bump into someone, and bam! It all comes back in a second…

That’s OK. You went through something terrible and you ached, this is what normal human beings do.

Chances are, it’ll be there forever, lurking in the depths and ready to bring tears to your eyes at the earliest opportunity.

Still, you have the power, you are in charge. You can decide that life goes on, and that you want to make something beautiful out of it.

And when you take this decision, you’re healed.