Every now and then I get a message from someone looking for a psychologist in Ibiza. They want to know if we’re affiliated to the public health service or to an insurance company, if there is a reimbursement system in place, etc.

I’d like to go broader for a moment here and explain what channels there are to find a psychologist in Ibiza, how they differ from each other, and how to find your way around in each of them.

Don’t take me wrong, I’d love to work with you! 😊 But I think it’s important that you can make an informed decision.

In summary, if you are looking for a psychologist in Ibiza, you should know there are three channels to find us: option 1) through the public health service, option 2) asociaciones (associations), option 3) private sector.

1) Psychologist in Ibiza: the Public Health Service (Seguridad Social).

First, we have the psychologists working in Hospital Can Misses and specific Centros de Salud.

The biggest advantage of option 1 is that it is completely free, but it’s not straightforward. Let me explain briefly.

Once you have the Spanish tarjeta sanitaria, you make an appointment with your GP. Then, during the visit, your doctor is going to ask you some questions and try to assess what is the problem and how serious it is. If necessary, she may prescribe medication and/or refer you to one of the psychologists or psychiatrists at the Unidad de Salud Mental.

However, demand far exceeds supply. As a result, chances are you’re going to have to wait a long time for an appointment, and between one appointment and the next. Psychotherapy is done in Spanish or in Catalan.

Also remember that in public care you’re never going to be referred to a psychologist in the private sector, nor is the government going to pay (back) the private psychologist’s fee.

2) Psychologist in Ibiza: associations (asociaciones).

The asociaciones are nonprofits, support groups for people who have specific profiles and needs, such as people with autism, with Alzheimer’s, cancer, other serious or chronic diseases, the LGBTQ+ community…

In some of these asociaciones, there are psychologists who provide orientation, guidance and intervention to members and their families. To become a member, you or your child, parent, partner… must belong to the target group and pay a membership fee.

Therapies are charged separately, but at reduced rates, as the associations receive subsidies to partially cover their costs.

All communication is in Spanish, unless you are lucky enough that the psychologist in the association can also speak other languages.

3) Psychologist in Ibiza: private.

Finally, there are psychologists like me who work in the private sector.

Through insurance.

A very limited number (mainly clinics) works with aseguradoras. These are companies that offer health insurance. Some of these insurances allow you to get psychological therapy, however, under strictly defined conditions. Be sure to ask about them!

  • For example, are you allowed to make an appointment with a psychologist right away, or is there a waiting period? Many policies make you wait 6 months before you can enjoy their benefits.
  • How long is the session with the psychologist? To my knowledge, sessions paid by insurers are maximum 30 minutes long.
  • How many psychologist visits are you allowed to book per year? There’s always a limit.
  • Do you have to be referred by the insurance’s psychiatrist first? Usually you do …

In short, it’s important to have a good understanding of what’s included and what’s not, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you are affiliated to a foreign insurer, query them then.

Without insurance.

Most psychologists in the private sector do not work with insurers. We set our own rates and length of the sessions.

Some of us can also do therapy in several languages, we are flexible in terms of appointments and we can also work online if necessary.

Aside from that, keep in mind that Spanish legislation states that, besides psychiatrists, only psicólogos sanitarios colegiados are allowed to do diagnostics and intervention in the mental health field. This applies to any channel, public or private.

If these three characteristics (psychologist + sanitario + colegiado) are not present in someone who claims to be able to help you improve your mental health, then they are engaged in an illegal activity. The reason for this is that lawmakers want to ensure that those suffering and in a vulnerable position will always receive quality care and that a professional code (code of conduct, ethical principles…) will be respected.

So, when it comes to mental health, please, tread with care.

I’ll be happy to give you AN APPOINTMENT HERE. However, if you feel that we aren’t a good match, you can always check this directory of psicólogos sanitarios who are based in Ibiza and are affiliated to the Colegio de Psicólogos de las Islas Baleares.

I’m going through a critical moment and I need help NOW.

What if you are looking for a psychologist in Ibiza because you need urgent help?

If you feel you can’t take it anymore, that you want to just «disappear», hurt yourself, commit suicide, call 112 and/or go to urgent care (urgencias) in your Centro de Salud or in Hospital Can Misses.

On 112, they connect you with the psicólogo de emergencias on duty. The psychologists in this service are very experienced and have received specific training for crisis situations. Although I’m not part of this team, I attended a couple of trainings with them and I was really impressed. They save lives, literally. Usually they also speak English.

In Urgencias, you will be given medication and a safe place to rest. You will also be referred to the Unidad de Salud Mental.

In case you are not the person in need but someone else, bring her to the nearest health centre immediately or call 112 if you’re not physically together. Don’t hesitate and act quickly, protecting someone in risk is never a waste of time.


In summary, if you are looking for a (great) psychologist in Ibiza 😊, you have a choice of three channels, each with its own specificities. I hope this information helps you decide which option is best for your personal circumstances.

In any event, the best tip I can give you is: take good care of yourself and don’t hesitate to ask for help!


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My name is Noela Souza and I'm a psychologist in Ibiza. I've got my own office and I also work online. I help you take care of yourself and implement changes for a more fulfilling life.

You can ask for an appointment HERE.

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